30 min Sessions for $55


30 min Chakra Balancing & Alignment

The session includes cleansing and aligning the 7 major chakra centers, cleansing and balancing the body’s subtle energy system, and providing insight into issues that may be causing blockages and imbalances in your energy system.


30 min Intuitive Reading

Offering guidance and insight on current life situations using a combination of channeled spiritual energy, pendulums, and tarot.

60 min Sessions for $100


60 min Energy Healing & Spiritual Consultation

Sessions include the chakra clearing & balancing, but also include an intuitive spiritual reading and channeled energy intervention. Each session is a unique healing experience based on your current needs and place on your path. Issues such as etheric cords and attachments are assessed and addressed. Chakra blockages resulting from past traumas are worked through. Other issues unique to each individual client are addressed as they arise. The sessions are intended as a journey of healing, self-actualization, personal development, and spiritual growth.


60 min Psychic Development Session w/ Spiritual Consultation

Includes instructions on techniques and practices designed to awaken, strengthen, and master psychic and spiritual abilities safely. Required an on-going commitment and multiple sessions.


60 min Guided Meditation

Choose from Meeting Your Spirit Guides, Connecting with Your Higher Self, Connecting with the Arch-Angels, Working with the Shadow Self, Creating the Astral Temple, and Introduction to the Akashic Records. Other services such as Soul Retrieval, Past Life Regression, and Healing the Shadow Self can be scheduled as part of on-going energy healing or psychic development services.