Unsought for Treasures- Summer Solstice 2020

Last year, I spent Mid-Summer at the Solstice festival in Greensboro surrounded by my coven, fairy costumes, and fire spinners. As night fell, we carved out space on the crowded lawn for our Sabbat rite and offerings. It was a glorious event filled with community and laughter. This year, I spent the Sabbat curled up on the couch.

The world is burning.  The virus is still spreading uncontrolled in much of the United States. Many of the very institutions that should protect us are stressed and failing.  Our toxic culture is being exposed in explosive ways, making it nearly impossible to deny the reality of our own racism and misogyny.  For months, I’ve held space in the maelstrom of the collective consciousness as the world screams its rage on the astral and material planes.  I’ve held space for myself, my students, my clients, and my loved ones as best as I could, trying to keep us grounded as the Fire rages on.

Maybe I was just tired, but I didn’t feel called to the Solstice bonfire or an elaborate ritual.  I didn’t find my magick at all on the day of the Sabbat; it didn’t arrive until the next day in the form of a simple meal.  If this year’s work as a Hight Priestess has been about navigating Fire, my personal work has been about reconnecting with the element of Earth.  

This year, I’ve found treasures I didn’t even know I was seeking. My Sabbat was found cooking a simple meal for those I’ve come to adore, and recognizing the precious, beautiful, and hilarious magick they have brought into my life.  It was recognizing that magick comes in many forms, and I’m learning to be grateful for them all.

The Wheel turns, summer will continue to burn.  I’ll continue to hold space for those who need an anchor in the storm, and I’ll continue to learn and grow as a High Priestess.  As for my Solstice lesson, this time I’ll try not to forget- Earth balances Fire. It’s a basic magickal principle after all.

Jennifer Bower is a witch, healer, and teacher in Charlotte, NC.  Her background combines education and experience in psychology and social work, training and extensive work in energy healing, and research and scholarship in neopagan theology and philosophy. Jennifer is the owner of Liminal Spaces and Liminal Spaces Mystery School where she also teaches several classes and is active in the local spiritual community.  She leads a local coven in the Ignis Spirae Tradition.

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