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We often find ourselves in moments of transition. We stand in the crossroads, the liminal spaces between, unable to choose a path and overwhelmed by the obstacles before us. These obstacles come in many forms. We may be questioning our purpose, experiencing spiritual uncertainty, or feeling overwhelmed by pain, fear, and self-doubt. These obstacles prevent us from moving forward in our lives and can have profound consequences on our mind, body, and spirit.

I founded Tree of Life to assist those who are currently standing at the crossroads but are ready to do the work necessary to move forward on their life’s path.  I offer a variety of services, products, resources, and classes that will assist you in moving beyond life’s obstacles and begin working towards personal empowerment and enlightenment.

Tree of Life offers a variety of energy work, spiritual consultations, and classes that can assist you in navigating this process. Each session is unique based on your individual situation, spiritual path, and personal goals.  The work we do together may include energy healing, guided meditation, and goal setting and planning.

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Blessed Imbolc

Following seasonal tides and energies has been a part of my personal practice since I was a teenager.  Even before I was confident in calling what I was doing witchcraft, I was walking the woods behind my house talking to trees and listening to the land.  The seasons are part of me, I ebb and …

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What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is a holistic practice that facilitates the healing process by clearing blocks in our energy field, repairs and rebalancing our energy, and opens our consciousness to areas we need to work through in order to bring our lives into balance and wellness. Energy healing works to restore balance throughout four levels of our lives-emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual- and allowing us to connect to our Highest Self and our true life purpose.

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