The Liminal Spaces Mystery School

The Mystery School was founded to create a space for those seeking to practice transformative witchcraft, but are not interested in or don’t have access to a traditional coven. We offer knowledge, skills, and techniques needed for a solitary practitioner to perform effective ritual and magick, attune with nature, gain greater self-understanding, and develop a relationship with the gods and spirits. We honor the “well-worn path” our foremothers and forefathers laid for us while allowing for a dynamic, evolving practice.

The Liminal Spaces Mystery School’s curriculum is consistent with the teachings of Ignis Spirae, a Progressive Witchcraft tradition, and includes three levels of instruction. Enrollment in the school’s Mastery courses offers a path to initiation. Initiation, however, is not guaranteed to all students and will be based upon the seeker’s interest and ability to complete the work. Students should discuss this option with the instructor. 

All classes are taught online and are self-paced.  They include recorded video and audio, handouts, and the option to register for an online community to share experiences and ask questions of the instructor and your peers.

Mastery Courses

Mastery Courses are year-long intensives for those interested in enhancing their skills and deepening their craft.  

Dedicant: A 12 Month Course in Progressive Witchcraft

Dedicant is a 12-month course on the fundamentals of progressive witchcraft. Progressive witchcraft does not refer to a tradition, but a type of practice.  Although it incorporates elements from traditional Wicca, progressive witchcraft is more eclectic and universal in nature. Progressive witchcraft is not intended to give you a religious dogma, but to provide the information, skills, and techniques needed for a solitary practitioner to perform effective ritual and spell work, attune with nature, gain greater self-understanding, and be more in control of your life. The course is designed to guide you down the “well-worn path” of the craft so that you may gain the knowledge and experience needed to develop a dynamic and meaningful personal practice. Monthly payment plan available.

Piercing the Veil: A12 Lesson Course in Intermediate Progressive Witchcraft

Piercing the Veil is an intermediate level course and participants should have competency in the basics of witchcraft. Participants are required to have completed Dedicant: A 12 Month Course in Modern Witchcraft or demonstrate a comparable experience and skill level. Email me for more information on advance placement. Monthly payment plan available. 

Personal Training

Intuitive Development Mentorship 

I offer private mentorship in spiritual development. Together we develop an individualized program to assist you in awakening and enhancing your spiritual gifts. During the mentorship, you receive customized teachings, practices, and activities suited for your individualized interests and path. Together we can explore areas of interest to you: intuitive and psychic abilities, magick and manifestation, energy healing, spirit communication, and spiritual practice.

Mentorship is done over Zoom and available from any distance. We begin with a one-hour mentorship consultation and then a custom program is then set up that will work to best suit your needs. Reiki I and Reiki II attunements are included.

The cost of private mentorship is $1200 for 6 months or $2200 for one year.