Energy Healing

Due to COVID-19 all consultation and energy healing will be done through distance services.

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is a holistic practice that facilitates the healing process by clearing blocks in our energy field, repairs and rebalancing our energy, and opens our consciousness to areas we need to work through in order to bring our lives into balance and wellness. Energy healing works to restore balance throughout four levels of our lives-emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual- and allowing us to connect to our Highest Self and our true life purpose.

Emotional Level- Your feelings and experiences

Energy healing encourages you to examine and process emotions that no longer serve your well-being such as self-doubt, resentment, and fear. It assists the client in releasing negative emotions and promoting qualities of self-love, trust, and balance. Energy work can assist clients in channeling emotional energy into creativity and productivity.

Mental Level- Your thoughts and attitudes

Energy healing leads to a deep state of relaxation, promoting a release of stress and tension. It encourages you to let go of thoughts, concepts, and attitudes that no longer serve, and replacing them with those that promote personal and spiritual growth.

Physical Level- The physical body

Energy healing supports and accelerates your body’s own natural ability to heal itself. It balances and harmonizes the whole energy field, promoting a sense of overall well-being. It also helps you to develop a greater sense of your body’s condition and health needs.

Spiritual Level- Your Higher Self and true life purpose

Energy healing facilitates an awareness and communication with one’s Higher Self and the Divine Principle. It encourages you on your own path town personal growth and spiritual development.

I use a mixture of Reiki, empathic healing skills, and channeled energy to provide a unique healing experience for each client. Crystals, pendulums, and tarot are often used to provide extra guidance and support. My intention is to provide an on-going healing experience for the client’s highest good and well-being. Now that you are ready to begin the work, I am honored to begin the journey with you.

Spiritual Consultation

Through Spiritual Consultation, I can assist you in navigating this process. Each session is unique based on your individual situation, spiritual path, and personal goals.  The work we do together may include energy healing, guided meditation, tarot or intuitive readings, and goal setting and planning. The work includes:

Personal development and spiritual evolution is a way of life, and the way itself is balance. To walk along one’s path in balance we must know ourselves and be brave enough to face the changes we need to make in order to grow. Spiritual growth comes from this process and begins by identifying, processing, and healing from past traumas and experiences.  It involves identifying belief systems and dogma that may be inhibiting our growth.  It includes an examination of our subconscious through Shadow Work or Working with our Inner Child. And ultimately, it requires making concrete changes in our behaviors and actions to allow our inner work to manifest in our lives.

  • Taking an inventory of your current and past relationships
  • Identifying activities to promote health and happiness
  • Identifying goals and dreams
  • Processing, healing and transforming past traumas, losses
  • Discovering or learning to deepen your connection with your own spiritual source
  • Deepening meditation and focusing skills
  • Learning mindfulness practices
  • Building a positive mind
  • Building skills of conscious manifestation
  • Coming into harmony with one’s true nature
  • Finding true forgiveness and freedom from the past
  • Finding wholeness of self and one’s True Life Pat