The Witch’s Tree of Life was founded to create a space for those seeking to learn the craft in a supportive community but are not interested in or don’t have access to a traditional coven. We are a Progressive Witchcraft community offering the information, skills, and techniques needed for a solitary practitioner to perform effective ritual and spell work, attune with nature, gain greater self-understanding, and develop a relationship with the gods and spirits. We honor the “well-worn path” our foremothers and forefathers laid for us, while allowing for a dynamic, evolving practice.

The Witch’s Tree of Life Mystery School’s curriculum is consistent with the teachings of Ignis Spirae, a progressive witchcraft tradition, and consists of three years of instruction and additional class offerings. Registration includes access to the online course curriculum and the Witch’s Tree of Life community, recorded guided meditations, and once a month live Zoom classes. Classes are recorded and can be viewed at any time if you miss the live session.

Dedicant- Witch’s Tree of Life Year One

Registration is now open. Class begins October 2020.

This is a 12-month course on the fundamentals of modern witchcraft. Although the course incorporates elements from traditional Wicca, the focus is on progressive witchcraft which is more eclectic and universal in nature. The course is designed to guide you down the “well-worn path” of the craft so that you may gain the knowledge and experience needed to develop a dynamic and meaningful personal practice.

Class Objectives:

  • Understand the history of Wicca and witchcraft.
  • Discover witchcraft as a path of mysticism, personal growth, and
     spiritual development.
  • Learn techniques for altering your consciousness: meditation,
    trance and energy manipulation.
  • Gain a strong foundation in magical theory by exploring occult
    principals in modern witchcraft.
  • Explore the witch’s craft: ritual, herbalism, spell work,
    divination, and more
  • Attune with the four mystical elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water
  • Learn about the witch’s Goddess and God and how to develop
    a personal relationship with deity.
  • Develop a personal witchcraft practice.

Piercing the Veil: Witch’s Tree of Life Year Two

Registration is now open. Classes begin October 2020.

This is an intermediate level course and participants should have competency in the basics of witchcraft. Participants are required to have completed the Dedicant: Year One course or have an equivalent level of experience and knowledge. It is suggested that intermediate students have practiced and studied witchcraft for a minimum of one year and can demonstrate a basic skill level. Pre-approval of the instructor is not required for advanced placement in Piercing the Veil.

The Piercing the Veil course moves beyond the basics and will focus on practical application of the craft. It is consistent with First Degree work in Ignis Spirae.  

Class Objectives:

  • Moon magic
  • The Wheel of the Year as a mystery teaching for spiritual development
  • Spiritual herbalism
  • Ancestor and spirit ally workings
  • Intermediate spell working and divination
  • Ritual magick
  • Hermetic Principals and Introduction to the Witch’s Qabalah
  • Planewalking, spiritual journeying, pathworking, astral projection, and dream working
  • Strengthening a personal relationship deity
  • Expanding and deepening your current personal witchcraft practice

Beyond the Veil: Witch’s Tree of Life Year Three

Registration is now open. Classes begin October 2020.

This is an advanced level course and participants should have completed Piercing the Veil or obtained special permission from the instructor.  The class has extensive reading and ritual requirements. Beyond the Veil is consistent with Second Degree work in Ignis Spirae.

Class Objectives:

  • The Deeper Mysteries of the Craft
  • Pagan, occult, and Hermetic philosophy
  • Shadow Work
  • Ritual, meditation, and psychic ability as a path of healing transformation
  • Pagan theology and ethics
  • Initiation with your personal Goddess and/or God
  • Continuing to deepen your personal witchcraft practice