Tree of Life offers a variety of distance services including energy healing, spiritual consultation, divination, and guided journeying through email or video conferencing. Book here now.

Energy Healing & Spiritual Consultation

The session includes an Usui Reiki energy intervention and an intuitive spiritual reading. Each session is a unique healing experience based on your current needs and place on your spiritual path, and can include removing etheric cords and attachments, addressing blockages from past traumas, and identifying and removing obstacles preventing you from reaching your personal and spiritual goals. The work is part of an on-going journey of healing, self-actualization, personal development, and spiritual growth.                   

Duration: 60 min        Cost: $100

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Psychic Development Consultation

One-hour consultation and instruction to assist you in awakening, strengthening, and mastering psychic and spiritual abilities safely. Topics covered include grounding & centering, shielding, divination, empathic ability, mediumship, energy manipulation and healing, journeying, pathworking, shadow work, and Hermeticism.                  

Duration: 60 min      Cost: $100

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Journey for Spiritual Advice

Journeying through the Lower, Middle, and Upper Worlds allows the practitioner to gain insight, healing, and divination for their clients. Jennifer will journey on your behalf to speak directly with your spirit allies and to examine the energies that are shaping your present and are forming your future.  The journey will be followed by a consultation and follow-up session.              

Duration: 90 mins     Cost: $130

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Spirit Ally Guided Meditation

A guided journey through the astral world to meet your spirit ally.   Prior meditation experience is helpful, but not required.   

Duration: 60 min                   Cost: $75

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Past Life Regression

A guided journey through past life memories which may be relevant to present-day circumstances. Past life regressions help you discover obstacles and attachments to people, places, or situations, or give insight into karmic bonds you may have developed in previous incarnations. Prior meditation experience is helpful, but not required.         

Duration: 60 min   Cost: $75

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Higher Self Guided Meditation

A guided journey through the astral plane to meet your Higher Self. 

Duration: 60 min           Cost: $75

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Shadow Self Guided Meditation

A guided journey through the subconscious mind to meet your Shadow Self. The Shadow Self represents our repressed desires, emotions and impulses kept hidden from our conscious awareness. Shadow work involves bringing these unconscious desires to the forefront so we can better understand them, process them, and integrate them to waking consciousness. It is recommended that this service is part of an on-going process of shadow work and spiritual development. 

Duration: 60 min   Cost: $75

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