Archangel Meditation Set (Choose Your Archangel)

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Archangel Communication Sets

These kits can be used to create your Archangel Altar or just for Angelic meditation and journaling work. Each kit comes with one charged votive candle in the color appropriate to each archangel, one bottle each of Archangel incense and Oil, an archangel gemstone set, and a stick of sustainably harvested Palo Santo imported from Ecuador. Each kit also includes an Archangel invocation and meditation and Archangel correspondences to get you started.

Search for Guidance with Archangel Gabriel, find protection and your own personal place of safety with Archangel Michael, release negativity and transform your old behavior patterns into new ones with Archangel Zadkiel or even find your inner healer with Archangel Rafael. Even if you have never worked with these amazing angelic energies, these kits offer an easy way to get started. Choose your favorite archangel!

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