Balance Intention Set

For release, recovery, and restoring balance after stressful life events
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Balance Intention Kit

Perfect for release, recovery, and restoring balance after experiencing stressful life events.

This intention set contains the following items:

1) Instructions on how to build your intention for the working.

2) Two white small taper candles

3) One 2 dram Balance intention oil. Use it to anoint yourself, the candles, or add it to a bath or sachet. Also excellent for aromatherapy and as a meditation aid.

4) One 5 dram Balance loose incense. Burn it during meditation, rituals, baths, or to promote balance within an area of your home or office.

5) Hand-blended Herbal Bath and muslin bag. Especially designed to promote balance, calm and centering.

6) Gemstones: two amethyst and two citrine

7) Two white votives

8) One Balance Herbal Tea.

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