Catnip, Organic

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Brand: Tree of Life Botanicals

Bulk Herbs: Catnip, Organic

Botanical Name: Nepeta cataria
Format: Cut & Sifted
Size: 1 oz package
Farming Type: Organic
Origin: United States
Catnip leaf is well known for its gentle and calming properties as it has been employed in traditional western folk practices for centuries. Nepeta cataria is a member of the mint family and features a square stem, heart-shaped leaves, and small fragrant pink to white flowers on a terminal spike. The leaves can be tinctured, steeped into a relaxing catnip tea, and added to herbal tea blends.
The ultimate feline herb, for centuries cats have been going crazy over this plant. It makes them happy and spunky yet has a more calming effect on people. Catnip has been used in European folk medicine for generations as a calming agent for body and mind. It is gentle and is very useful for children and infants.
In magic, catnip is used in love sachets, usually in combination with rose petals. Hung over the door, catnip attracts positive energy and helpful spirits. Catnip is also used in spells to enhance beauty and happiness
Planet- Venus
Element- Water
Keywords: Cat magic, Love, Beauty, Happiness
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