Divination Incense, Scrying Incense, Hand-Blended

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~ Divination Blend ~
This strong blend of herbs, roots and resins is specially designed to aid you in any divination task. Whether you are casting stones, runes, the tarot, pendulum, scrying, crystal ball, tea leaves and so much - this incense will help remove blockages and clear your mind to receive the insight you seek.
About my Hand-made ~ About my Hand-made incenses ~
Photo displays Healing and Altar incenses as samples. Each incenses is hand-blended only after you order them to ensure freshness.
Loose incenses are intended to be burned on charcoal. A charcoal sample is included as a gift with purchase. Some incenses may not be used as herbal baths due to some herbs causing skin irritation. Our incenses are not intended to be consumed or used as herbal baths.
My incenses are made from organic or wild-harvested herbs with NO PRESERVATIVES. Try them today and see what a big difference freshness makes!
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