Dragon's Blood Resin

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Brand: Tree of Life Botanicals

Bulk Herbs: Dragon's Blood Resin

Botanical Name: Sanguis draconis
Format: Chunks
Size: 1 oz package
Farming Type: Normal
Origin: China
Dragon’s blood is a tree resin that starts out as a deep red sap that oozes from the trunk when cut into. Once exposed to air, it hardens and can be collected as chunks of aggregated resin. The most common use of the resin is to burn it over charcoal as incense. ragon’s blood is a resin produced by the rattan palm tree, native to tropical and subtropical climates of southeast Asia. While there are many red resins that go by the name of dragon blood, Daemonorops draco is the most commercially available.
Dragon's Blood resin is often burned as incense. Dragon's blood resin can even be employed as an ink. Certain species of dragons blood resin is still used today in modern witchcraft where it is powdered down and used as an ink to write spells.
In magical folklore, dragon's blood resin is burned as incense to entice errant lovers to return. It is also burned around the home for protection and to drive alway harmful spirits or energy. A pinch of dragon's blood resin added to any other incense increases it's power and potency.
Planet- Mars
Element- Fire
Keywords: Love, Protection, Exorcism, Potency
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