Frankincense Powder

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Brand: Tree of Life Botanicals
Bulk Herbs: Frankincense Powder

Botanical Name: Boswellia carteri
Format: powder

Size: 1 oz package

Farming Type:
Origin: Africa

Frankincense resin is gathered by making incisions in the small, deciduous tree, Boswellia sacra. The yellow-hued pitch is often used as incense or in perfumery. Frankincense has been considered an herb of spirituality with lore dating back thousands of years. The aromatic resin can be used alone or blended into incense formulas.

Frankincense and the oil produced from it has been known for its magical powers and its ability to improve communication with the creator in the Middle East for thousands of years before it was made a gift to Christ by the Magi. There are over 52 references to it in the Bible. Egyptian records show a great many references to it including its use in cosmetics, perfumes and as an embalming agent. The harvest of gums and resins takes place during the dry season, as they are easily damaged by rain. A number of incisions are made into the bark, and the gum resins are allowed to ooze out and solidify for a few weeks. The harvesters then return to each tree to collect the resin. The resins are then transported to local villages where they are further dried in the shade. Frankincense is a member for the Burseraceae family.

In magic, burning frankincense raises the energy of an area, but also drives out harmful, unwanted energy. Religions and magical traditions have long used frankincense in incenses and spiritual/religious blends to purify, protect, consecrate. It is also burned to induce visions and to aid mediation. In folklore, frankincense is added to sachets for luck, protection, and spiritual growth.

Planet- Sun
Element- Fire

Keywords: Protection, Purification, Spirituality

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