Love & Attraction Oil Blends (Choose you intention)

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Size: 1/2 oz bottle

About our Raven Moonlight Hand-blended ~
All of our oils come in a 1/2 ounce clear glass bottle with a black cap for shipping and a dropper for ease of use. All bottles are shrink sealed to maintain freshness.Our oils are hand blended with all natural ingredients for the freshest possible product. We use coconut as our bas oil and pure 100% essential oils in every blend. All of our oils are 100% cerified organic as well.
Please chose from the options below.
o Attraction oil – use to bring things to you
o Chypre – use to attract new love or to keep the love you have.
o Gay Love – use to find same sex partners
o Glamour Blend – use in magick to enhance your best qualities
o Handfasting – use in all handfasting rituals
o Jezebel oil – use to draw in a rich partner
o Love – use for all types of love spells
o Love uncrossing – use to remove negativity and hexing placed on your relationship by another person
o Red Dragon – use when working with dragon energies to bring passion and fire into a relationship
o Self-love – use in magick to improve self-confidence and self-love
o True Love – use in magick to find your true love or soul mate

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