Orris Root Powder

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Brand: Tree of Life Botanicals

Bulk Herbs: Orris Root, Powdered

Botanical Name: Iris germanica
Format: Peeled and Powdered

Size: 1 oz package

Farming Type: Normal
Origin: Morocco

Native to the Mediterranean, Iris germanica is a rhizomatous member of the iris family with showy, dark purple flowers and sword-like leaves. The genus Iris is aptly named after the Greek goddess of the rainbow for its beauty and range of vivid colors. Orris root has a pleasant scent that is reminiscent of violets and has a long history of use in perfumery. Typical preparations of the fragrant roots include herbal sachets and potpourris. Additionally, orris root can be tinctured or used to flavor syrups.

The iris is a group of plants known for their beautiful blooms and their adaptability to an astonishing variety of growing conditions, from the temperate reaches of Oregon to the marshes of Louisiana and even the desert American Southwest. In ancient times the iris was a symbol of power and majesty used as the original scepter.

Dried orris root smells like violets. It is used primarily as a fixative in perfumes to enhance other aromas. Powdered orris root lends a pleasant scent to freshly laundered linens and to potpourri. It also can be used as a stabilizer in cosmetics.

In magical folklore, orris root is used to attract and hold love. The root is carried or the powder is added to sachets, clothing, or the body. Orris Root powder is sometimes known as "Love Drawing Powder."

In Japanese folklore, orris root was used to protect against spirits or hung from eaves the home as protection wards.

Planet- Venus
Element- Water

Keywords: Love, Protection, Diviniation

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