Red Clover Herb

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Brand: Tree of Life Botanicals

Bulk Herbs: Red Clover Herb

Botanical Name: Trifolium pratense
Format: dried, cut & sifted

Size: 1 oz package

Farming Type: Organic
Origin: Eastern Europe

Red clover can be a common sight around meadows, parks, and fields during late spring. A low growing, short-lived perennial in the pea family, Trifolium pratense has three lobed leaves and dark pink, densely packed flower heads. Red clover herb is a blend of the aerial portions of the plant, perfect for tincturing and brewing a cup of red clover tea.

Druids believed that it could ward off evil spells and witches, while Medieval Christians believed that the three lobed leaves were associated with the trinity and the four lobed leaves as a symbol of the cross. Red clover belongs to the pea family.

In magical folklore, clover is used for fidelity potions and serves as a stimulant for the body and soul. With its many medicinal and magical uses, witches love to grow Red Clovers in their sacred gardens to banish unwanted spirits. Having an herb as magical as a Red Clover with you is an effective way to remain protected

Planet- Mercury
Element- Air

Keywords: Protection, Money, Success, Banishment

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