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Ritual Herbal Baths

Our Herbal Baths are made with Organic herbs and essential oils. They are free from any chemicals and preservatives. We sell them in a beautiful clear tube that stands by itself, convenient to store and use it. Each bath blend will yield 3-4 baths and comes with a muslin bag.

Our Herbal Bath Line is created specifically for working with Ceremonies and Rituals. These can be used to create a bathing ceremony just by itself or in conjunction or to supplement other water ceremonies, such as head washing, floor washing, etc. This blend can also be used as incense if desired.

To use: Have your intent clear in your mind. With that intent, bruise your blend in a mortar and pestle (opti onal - but very worth it!). Add herbs to the bag and set aside. Boil 2 quarts of water, and once it is boiling, turn off the heat and drop your herb bag into the water. Let it steep for about 10-15 minutes (your infusion should be a dark color). During this time, draw your bathwater. Once the herbal bag is fully steeped, add it to your bathwater. You can also add the bag of herbs if you wish. You can add candles and crystals to your bath ritual as needed!

We have many different blends - choose the one that works best for you:

  • Cleanse - For all Purification required before any ritual. It also works wonderfully as an aura cleanser.
  • Intuition - a wonderful blend to enhance psychic ability and boost intuition
  • Abundance - An excellent blend to work all types of manifestation magick, especially abundance and prosperity.
  • Energy Boost - a blend specially designed to assist in boosting energy and constitution. This is a great bath to use in conjunction with other spells for those recovering from physical ailments.
  • Shield - Protects all levels. Especially good for rituals involving the protection of the home and family.
  • Healing - an excellent blend for healing, physically, emotionally, or even mentally.
  • Serendipity - a blend designed to turn your luck around if you have been going through difficult times. Remove bad vibes and open yourself up to positive power!
  • Banish - an excellent blend for banishment and cleansing on all levels. Works well to banish attachments, bad habits, and even negative entities.
  • Balance - an excellent blend to bring about balance and peace on all levels. Use this when feeling out of sorts or out of balance.
  • Love - an excellent blend for all types of love magick - either to find new love or to enhance the love you already have!
  • Allure - to balance personal energies and enhance outward appearance. This is a great bath to use for all types of Glamour spells.
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