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Herbal Sachets: Sachet Kit
(Picture shows Fertility sachet kit!)

Herbal sachets can be powerful talismans and can be incorporated into any spell to empower it.. If you have never created an herbal sachet before, this is the kit for you! It has everything you will need to create your sachet including detailed instructions.

Select from one of the many kit types listed below.

Want to add some real power to your sachet? Order one of our oils to match your intent!

Each sachet kit will include the following:

1) Detailed instructions

Step by step instructions about how to create and empower your sachet.. All you need are the materials in this kit plus a censer, candle holder and athame!

2) Muslin Pouch

One sturdy muslin bag! This will create a sachet large enough for any use and yet small enough to even fit in your purse or bag if you want to carry it with you!

3) Two power stones

Based on the intent, we will include 2 power stones to add to your sachet to help empower it! Instructions on how to cleanse and charge your stones as well as stone properties will also be included!

4) One of our hand-blended spell blends

One 1.5 oz bag of our hand-blended herbal spell mixes based on the intent you select. Use the blend to create your sachet and also as an incense to help empower it!

5) One chime candle

One chime candle of appropriate color to empower your sachet and complete your kit!

Everything you need to create your sachet!

Kit Descriptions

  • Healing -1 blue candle, healing spell mix, clear quartz and hematite
  • Success -1 orange candle, success spell mix, orange aventurine and yellow Quartz
  • Love - 1 pink Candle, love spell mix, rose quartz and amethyst
  • Banishment - 1 Black Candle, banishment spell mix, Bloodstone and black obsidian
  • Protection - 1 White Candle, protection spell mix, black obsidian and red jasper
  • Money - 1 green candle. money spell mix, green aventurine and Tiger's Eye
  • Balance - 1 purple candle, balance spell mix, amethyst and moonstone
  • Purification - 1 White Candle, purification spell mix, Citrine and Hematite
  • Faerie Magic - 1 purple candle, faerie spell mix, rose quartz and fluorite
  • Dragon Magic - 1 White candle, dragon spell mix, Sodalite and Red Jasper
  • Fertility - 1 Green Candle, Fertility spell mix, Moonstone and Carnelian
  • Dreaming - 1 Purple candle, The Dreaming spell mix, Amethyst and Clear Quartz
  • Angelic - 1 White candle, Angelic Companions spell mix, Blue Lace Agate and Clear Quartz
  • Courage - 1 Red Candle, Courage Spell Mix, Red Jasper and Clear Quartz
  • Psychic Development- 1 Purple Candle, Psychic Development spell mix, Amethyst and Labradorite
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