Spell Bottle Kit (Choose Your Intention)

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Spell Kits: Herbal Spell Bottles
(Picture shows Money kit)

These wonderful little bottles contain everything you need to cast a small portable spell! The picture shows our Fairy Magick spell herbal spell bottle kit. Spell bottles are excellent portable magick!

Each kit contains:

1) One spell bottle filled with spring water and the appropriate essential oil for your spell! Water is colored with Mica where appropriate!

2) Two herbal packets with the appropriate herbs for your spell!

3) One small gemstone to fit inside your bottle to add extra power to your bottle spell!

4) One candle for consecrating and sealing your spell bottle

5) Instruction card which takes you step by step in casting your spell

Kit Descriptions

  • Love - lavender and rose petals, orange essential oil, pink candle and rose quartz
  • Money - patchouli and Basil, patchouli essential oil, green candle and green aventurine
  • Protection - Basil and Sage, frankincense essential oil, white candle, and black obsidian
  • Healing - Peppermint and Rosemary, Eucalyptus essential oil, blue candle and Moonstone
  • Faerie Magick - Thyme and Honeysuckle, lavender essential oils, purple candle and amethyst
  • Psychic Development - Mugwort and orange peel, frankincense essential oil, purple candle and amethyst
  • Dragon Magick - Ginger and Sage, jasmine essential oil, red candle and red jasper
  • Dreaming - Rose Petals and Cinquefoil, spearmint essential oil, blue candle and clear Quartz
  • Banishment - Rosemary and Juniper, Peppermint essential oil, , Black candle Black Obsidian
  • Balance - Rose Petals and Rosemary, Orange essential oil, white candle, Clear Quartz
  • Purification - Frankincense and Bay, rosemary essential oil, yellow candle, citrine
  • Angelic - eucalyptus and rose petals, palmrose essential oil, blue candle, blue lace agate
  • Fertility - mandrake root and mistletoe, ylang-yland essential oil, green candle, green aventurine
  • Courage - mullein Leaf and Basil, Ginger essential oil, Red candle, red Jasper
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