Spell Kit (Choose Your Intention)

Choose your intention and build your own spell
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Spell Kits: Create-a-spell
(Picture shows the Money Kit!)

This is a new concept in spell kits and its also great for those just starting to work their own spells but who still need a little help!? All of the proper herbs you need are included in the spell mix and you can choose to make it into a bath, incense, sachet, etc - completely up to you!

1) Basic Directions

A sample spell is included along with suggestions on how to create your own spell, our directions give you tips on how to create baths, sachets, incenses and more from our spell mix.

2) One bag of spell Mix

Choose from the kits listed below and the spell mix will be freshly blended to match your intent!

3) Two Chime candles

Two chime candles of the appropriate color according to the kit type selected below as well as card with candle colors and intent.

4) Two crystal stones

Two different stones to match the appropriate intent of the kit selected below along with instructions on how to cleanse and charge them!

Kit Descriptions:

  • Healing - 2 blue candles, healing spell mix, clear quartz
  • Success - 2 orange candles, success spell mix, orange aventurine
  • Love - 1 Pink & 1 Red Candle, love spell mix, rose quartz
  • Banishment - 2 Black Candles, banishment spell mix, Black Obsidian
  • Protection - 1 Black & 1 White Candle, protection spell mix, black obsidian
  • Money - 2 green candles. money spell mix, green aventurine
  • Balance - 2 purple candles, balance spell mix, amethyst
  • Purification - 2 White Candles, purification spell mix, Citrine
  • Faerie Magic - 1 purple & 1 pink candle, fairy spell mix, rose quartz
  • Dragon Magic - 1 yellow & 1 white candle, dragon spell mix, Black Obsidian
  • Fertility - 1 green & 1 White Candle, Fertility spell mix, moonstone
  • Dreaming - 1 purple & 1 blue candle, Dreaming spell mix, Amethyst
  • Angel Communication - 2 White Candles, Angelic Companions Spell mix, Blue Chalcedony
  • Courage - 2 Red candles, Courage Spell Mix, Red Jasper
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