Yarrow Flower

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Brand: Tree of Life Botanicals

Bulk Herbs: Yarrow Flower

Botanical Name: Achillea millefolium
Format: dried, cut and sifted

Size: 1 oz package

Farming Type: Organic
Origin: Europe

Yarrow is an herbaceous perennial with featherlike leaves and clusters of tiny, fragrant white to pink flowers. It can be found cultivated in gardens and along fields, mountains, and roadsides as a common weed. Achillea millefolium has a long history of use for its healthful properties in traditional Western herbalism. Dried yarrow leaf and yarrow flower are combined for use in skin care creations and herbal tea blends. Our organic yarrow leaf and flower can also be used in tincturing.

Yarrow is a flowering perennial, common in North America but also native to Europe and Asia. Also called milfoil, its leaves are soft and highly segmented with a characteristic appearance that is almost feather-like. Yarrow grows stalks during the summer months, with a height that is dependent upon the seasonal rainfall. During dry years, these stalks may only grow a foot or two, preserving energy in its roots. Clusters of tiny white flowers grow atop the stalks, emitting a distinctive and characteristic aroma.

In magical folklore, yarrow is associated with protection and when worn stops fear and grants courage. Yarrow is a common ingredient in love spells. It draws the attention of those you most want to see. When the flowers are made into a infusion, the tea is drunk to improve psychic abilities. Yarrow is also used to banish negativity from a person, place, or thing.

Planet- Venus
Element- Water

Keywords: Courage, Love, Psychic Abilities, Banishing

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