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Tree of Life Personal & Spiritual Evolution Expanding Services

I am very pleased to announce a variety of new Distance Services.  Consultations via email or video conferencing are available.

Distance Healing & Spiritual Consultation

Each session includes an intuitive spiritual reading and a channeled energy intervention. Issues such as etheric cords and attachments are assessed and addressed. Chakra blockages resulting from past traumas are worked through. Other issues unique to each individual client are addressed as they arise. The sessions are intended as a journey of healing, self-actualization, personal development, and spiritual growth.

Distance Psychic Development & Spiritual Consultation

Sessions will assist you in expanding your personal spiritual practice. Includes instructions on techniques and practices designed to awaken, strengthen, and master psychic and spiritual abilities safely. Topics covered include grounding & centering, shielding, psychic development, empathic ability, mediumship, energy manipulation, and healing, journeying, pathworking, shadow work, and Hermeticism.

Journey of Spiritual Advice or Divination

Journeying through the Lower, Middle, and Upper Worlds allows the practitioner to gain insight, healing, and divination for their clients. Jennifer will journey on your behalf to speak directly with your spirit allies and to examine for the forces of fate that are shaping your present and are forming your future.

Guided Journey to Meet Your Spirit Ally

For those interested in being guided through a shamanic journey through the astral world to meet your spirit ally.  You will be guided to a meditative state and then led through the journey. Prior meditation experience is helpful, but not required.

Guided Past Life Regression

Past life regressions help you connect to a previous incarnation. The journey to discover a past life may help reveal information relevant to your current life.  This information can help you discover the source of current life obstacles, attachments to people, places, or objects in this life, or give insight into karmic bonds you may have developed over multiple lifetimes.

During the journey, you will be guided to a meditative state and then led through the journey. Prior meditation experience is helpful, but not required.

Distance Celtic Cross Tarot Full Spread

The Celtic Cross Spread allows the querent to gain insight over a variety of areas in their lives.  It can examine and provide insight regarding past and current influences and provide advice on possible future outcomes.  After purchase, you will be contacted via email to set up the reading. You will have an opportunity to email me the details of your situation and the nature of your inquiry.  The results of the tarot reading will be emailed to you.

Distance 3-Card Tarot Spread

This is a simple three-card reading focusing on a specific question or situation you may have.   The reading can focus on either Past/Present/Future or Nature of the Problem/Obstacle/ Solution.

Ask a Witch

Jennifer is available for questions you may have. Topics we can discuss include, but are not limited to:

  • Spell Work
  • Energy Healing
  • Working with Deity or Spirit Allies
  • Pathworking and Journeying
  • Wicca or Witchcraft
  • Energy Healing
  • Or questions you may have about your personal practice

Contact me a for more information.