As I was beginning the process of creating the Tree of Life I was asked a very interesting question. It was a simple question really, but one that has influenced every decision I’ve made concerning the development of this new practice.  I was asked to imagine and describe my ideal client. I admit at first I was taken aback by this question. People and their situations are not so easily categorized, but I in the spirit of the conversation I decided to try my best to answer the question.  I didn’t take time to formulate the answer; I just began speaking from the heart.

Everyone has moments where they find themselves unable to move forward in their lives, yet for each of us, the obstacles that block us are different. For some, the obstacle is the loss of a loved one or dissatisfaction with their current job. For others, maybe it’s the pain of a past emotional trauma or experience.  And for yet others, the obstacle is this undefinable something that cannot be put into words, but is felt in the core of their being; a longing for connection and purpose. But, even as the obstacles pile around them, there are people who are not satisfied with status quo. They seek to gain the insights and tools necessary to break through those obstacles and move toward fulfilling their true life purpose.  It’s that kind of person that I see when I envision my ideal client.

As these words began tumbling out of my mouth in answer to my friend’s question, I began to see my practice clearly.  What are the services, practices, and tools that have assisted me on my own journey, and what are those that I have adapted in the past that have helped others along their way? There is no such thing, truly, as an idea client, and no one treatment or religious teaching will solve all our problems. True healing is a process, a journey, and it takes a first step.

The Tree of Life Personal & Spiritual Evolution is the culmination of many years of successes and failures. Its seed was my own intuitive empathic ability, but years of study, training, spiritual initiation, and my own experience with energy healing have been the water, soil, and sunlight that have allowed this practice to grow. I am honored to have been chosen for this service, and I look forward to walking this next stage of my path with many of you. So mote it be.

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  1. Hi Jennifer the Tree of Life is such a potent symbol, and I have always been drawn to it. It is an appropriate name for the services that you offer to help spread healing and enlightenment. Thank you for a great chakra healing and Reiki session yesterday. Hope to see you soon.

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